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Tracking and testing

18th January 2023

Adding additional scoring to tests

ANY-maze Keys can be used to manually score behaviours, such as grooming or sniffing, which the software can’t detect automatically. Doing this for many keys simultaneously can be difficult, so ANY-maze allows you to score the same test repeatedly, perhaps recording just two behaviours on each iteration. This guide explains how to do this.

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Camera & Videos

10th September 2021

Connecting multiple USB cameras to a computer

You’re probably very used to connecting USB devices to your computer – just find a spare port and plug it in! And if there’s no spare port, connect a USB hub to the computer and then plug the devices into that.
For the vast majority of devices it really is that simple, but cameras are an exception. In this guide I’ll explain why and describe how you can overcome the limitations.

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15th June 2020

Choosing a computer for ANY-maze

Choosing a computer for ANY‑maze is relatively simple – indeed in most cases almost any new computer will be suitable. However, if you plan to track in multiple apparatus simultaneously or to use a computer you already own, you should check out the details given here.

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