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The ANY‑maze Optogenetic interface is designed to independently control up to four optogenetic lasers during behavioural tests performed in ANY‑maze. Using the interface, you can either pulse a laser with very high precision at a specific frequency and duty cycle for a set duration, or you can ‘play’ a series of arbitrary pulses. If your laser supports it, the interface can also dynamically adjust the laser’s intensity.

  • Four entirely independent channels
  • Connects directly to lasers with TTL or analogue (max 5V) inputs
  • Can control the intensity of lasers that support this feature
  • Output pulse frequency from 0.01Hz to 10KHz
  • Output pulse duty cycle from 1% to 99% (100% when output is set to ‘continuous’)
  • Can play ‘pulse files’ which define a series of up to 10,000 pulses of arbitrary duration (and intensity)
  • Timing accurate to ±100 nanoseconds
  • Powered directly from USB (no power supply required)

Learn more about the ANY‑maze Optogenetic interface in this guide.

ANY-maze Optogenetic interface datasheet