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The ANY‑maze Analogue interface is designed to connect ANY‑maze to devices which output analogue signals, for example a respiratory gas analyser, a blood pressure monitor or an EEG. The interface can also output digital signals, which can, for example, represent the location of the animal in the apparatus.

  • Four independent input channels
  • Two independent output channels
  • Single ended and differential inputs with six ranges from 3V to ±12V
  • User selectable sampling rate from 1Hz to a maximum of 1KHz
  • 12-bit analogue to digital convertor
  • Power and data are galvanically isolated from the PC
  • ANY‑maze software can apply digital high-, low- or band-pass filters to the input signals
  • The interface itself is powered directly from USB. Output devices can be powered by the interface, either via USB or a connected power supply.

ANY-maze Analogue interface datasheet