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ANY-maze Activity Wheel

The ANY-maze Activity Wheel provides a convenient and straightforward method for measuring rodent physical activity.

  • Available for rat and mouse
  • Run up to 48 cages simultaneously
  • Connects directly to the computer via USB

ANY-maze will report a wide range of measures for the Activity Wheel,  both for a test as a whole and also across time. The measures available include:

  • Number of rotations
  • Time turning
  • Distance travelled
  • Number of clockwise rotations
  • Number of anti-clockwise rotations
  • Number of reversals
  • Degrees of clockwise rotation
  • Degrees of anti-clockwise rotation
  • Maximum RPM
  • Average RPM while turning

For a complete description of all the available measures see section 8 of: A detailed description of the ANY-maze measures.

In common with any experiment performed in ANY-maze, the system manages your entire experiment and can analyse your data between different groups. For example, with just a few clicks you can find out whether there is a statistically significant difference between the activity in the wheel of your treatment groups. It is also easy to export all the experiment’s results for further analysis in other programs, such as SPSS.

If you are already an ANY-maze user you can use the ANY-maze Activity Wheel with your current software, otherwise you can buy a low cost ANY-maze Activity Wheel licence for just USD $995.