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Elevated zero-maze

  • Available for rat or mouse
  • Elevated 50cm from the floor
  • Rat maze dimensions: 100cm diameter, lanes 10cm wide, walls 40cm high
  • Mouse maze dimensions: 50cm diameter, lanes 5cm wide, walls 15cm high
  • Includes infrared transparent inner walls which allow a single camera to see the animal in all parts of the maze. This does require an infrared illuminator and an infrared sensitive camera and lens (all cameras and lenses that we supply are IR sensitive)
  • Walls fit solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable rim on the open arms allow for thigmotactic cues
  • Grey, non reflective base plate provides good contrast with virtually any animal
  • Removable walls and legs mean the maze can be stored flat when not in used