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Parallel rod floor test

The Parallel rod floor test is designed for assessing the effects of drugs, brain damage and disease on motor coordination and fatigue and is ideal for use with knockout and transgenic mice.

Adapted from the apparatus first described and developed by Drs. Kamens and Crabbe, the parallel rod floor test is a new model of ataxia in mice. The test allows for the simultaneous measurement of ataxia and locomotor activity, adding variety to the battery of other tests currently available.

Tests in up to 16 cages can be performed simultaneously using ANY-maze. This high throughput design makes the test an extremely versatile and valuable screening and phenotyping tool.

  • Easier to use than Rota-Rod
  • Provides similar measurements to Rota-Rod testing
  • Provides two measurements not necessarily provided by other tests:
    – Number of errors (foot slips)
    – Horizontal distance traveled (cm)
  • Using the ratio errors per cm traveled to index ataxia provides a robust and unique measure of genetic contributions to locomotor incoordination
  • Includes ANY-maze USB camera
  • Includes ANY-maze Touch switch interface