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ANY-maze Speaker

The ANY-maze Speaker can be used to play tones, white-noise or sound files during a test. The speaker requires a sound generating device, such as the ANY-maze Audio interface

  • Plugs directly into the ANY-maze Audio interface
  • 10W continuous power (20W maximum)
  • Frequency response 460-20000Hz
  • Nominal impedance 4ohm

ANY-maze Speaker datasheet

ANY-maze Photobeams

The ANY-maze Photobeams detect when an animal breaks an infrared beam and can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as detecting when an animal passes through a door, detecting nose-pokes, detecting how far down a corridor the animal has travelled…

  • Photobeams plug directly into the ANY-maze Digital interface
  • Work at up to 150cm separation
  • Multiple beams can be mounted close together without cross-beam interference
  • Threaded cases make it simple to mount beams in a 0.3inch (8mm) diameter hole

ANY-maze Photobeam datasheet

ANY-maze Cue lights

The ANY-maze Cue lights are perfect for providing visible cues to animals during tests. The lights are water resistant and are available in a variety of colours and sizes (22mm, white shown here).

  • Cue lights plug directly into the ANY-maze Digital interface
  • Colours available : Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White
  • Sizes available : 22mm, 14mm, 10mm diameter (Blue & white 10mm not available)
  • Threaded cases make it simple to mount lights in 22mm, 14mm or 10mm diameter holes

ANY-maze Cue lights datasheet

ANY-maze Rotary encoder

The ANY-maze Rotary encoder detects rotations of an axle. This can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, if the axle has a running wheel mounted on it, the encoder will detect rotations of the wheel; or, if the axle connects to an animal tether, the encoder will detect rotations of the animal.

  • Encoder plug directly into the ANY-maze Digital interface
  • 1/4 inch shaft
  • Angular resolution of 5°
  • Mounting plate with 0.15 inch holes make it easy to fit to existing cages

ANY-maze Rotary encoder datasheet

ANY-maze Photobeam array

The ANY-maze photobeam array provides a ‘curtain’ of photobeams and is often used to detect when an animal rears. It can also be as a movement detector, which can generate reliable movement ‘counts’ in circumstances in which video tracking can’t be used.

  • Array plugs directly into the ANY-maze Digital interface
  • Three widths are available, 20cm, 40cm and 100cm
  • Maximum separation between the emitter and receiver is 100cm
  • 12.5mm (0.5 inch) space between beams

ANY-maze Photobeam array datasheet