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Copy results to other programs

Although ANY-maze can perform quite sophisticated analysis of your results, we don’t pretend that it can replace a full stats program such as SPSS, or a specialist graphing application such as GraphPad, so we’ve made it really easy to move test results to other programs.

The Data spreadsheet has been designed specifically to facilitate data transfer – for example, you can plot repeated measures in separate columns, which simplifies subsequent analysis in SPSS.

The entire spreadsheet, or just a part of it, can be copied and then pasted directly into most programs. Alternatively you can save the spreadsheet to a file in a variety of common formats.

Copy results to other programs picture

Export tracking data

In some experiments you might want to analyse the actual tracking data recorded by ANY-maze during each test, perhaps using MATLAB scripts.

In this case, you can use ANY-maze’s powerful export features, which allow you to either export the tracking data for each test as a CSV file, or export the entire experiment into a single XML file. In the case of XML export, you can choose exactly what data you wish to include – as shown in the image on the right.

Export tracking data picture

Data transfer features

  • Simple spreadsheet format shows tests in rows and results in columns
  • If analysing across time, the spreadsheet shows test broken down into time periods in rows
  • Choose which results to include
  • Use filters to just include a subset of all tests / time periods
  • Copy the entire spreadsheet or any range of cells to the clipboard
  • Save the entire spreadsheet or any range of cells in a variety of file formats
  • Save as SYLK (used by Excel), CSV (comma separated values), dBase III/IV format or Tab separated format
  • Export entire experiments, including raw tracking data, in XML format
  • Export raw tracking data for each test in CSV format