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Analyse hundreds of measures

ANY-maze can report literally hundreds of different measures for every test, but generally you’ll select just a handful that are relevant to the experiment you’re performing – as in the image shown here.

You can change the reported measures at any time and ANY-maze will immediately update all affected reports – there’s no delay and the tests aren’t re-tracked, or even re-analysed, the data just appears.

Analyse hundreds of measures picture

Analyse results across time

It’s easy to break tests into time segments of any duration and compare the results between them. You can also home in on different parts of a test, for example the 30 second period after the animal first exited a specific zone (as in the image on the right), and compare results for these periods too.

And you can adjust analysis across time at any point, whether before, during or after the tests are run.

Analyse results across time picture

Easily access raw tracking data

Usually you will want to look at the results of the measures that ANY‑maze calculates for every test – for example, the distance the animal travelled. However, there may be occasions when you want access to the actual data ANY-maze recorded during the test, such as the x,y coordinates of the animal’s centre point.

This data can easily be viewed, copied to the clipboard, or saved in a variety of file formats – including XML, which is ideal for performing additional analysis in programs like MATLAB.

Easily access raw tracking data picture

Analysis across time features

  • Most measures can be analysed across time
  • Break tests into equal duration time bins and view results for each bin
  • Use time periods to focus on specific parts of tests, for example, the first 2 minutes
  • Define time periods based on an event within the test, for example, the animal entering a zone for the first time