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The OroFacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) provides an automated measurement of hot or cold orofacial pain assessment in the trigeminal nerve in rats and mice. Using an operant behaviour conflict paradigm, rodents voluntarily decide between receiving a reward or escaping an aversive stimulus.

The OPAD begins to work when the animal touches and presses between dual peltier-controlled temperature elements to obtain a liquid reward. As the temperature (hot or cold) becomes aversive, the animal can withdraw. The OroFacial Software will automatically track the number of licks, contact with elements and the temperature at which contact is broken.

OPAD connects to a PC via USB and experiments are performed using the ANY-maze software.

  • Designed for use with mice and rats
  • Hot or cold temperature control
  • Objective pain assessment
  • Operant testing and measures
  • High throughput
  • Rackable system
  • Up to 16 cages with a single computer
  • 4° to 75°C temperature range
  • Easy to clean


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Donertas-Ayaz B et al; Assessment of Nerve Injury-induced Mechanical Hypersensitivity in Rats using an Orofacial Operant Pain Assay. J. Vis. Exp. (185), e64221, doi:10.3791/64221 (2022)