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Maintaining consistent environmental conditions between subjects and cohorts can be crucial in behavioural experiments. The ANY-maze Multifunction remote is designed to assist with this; in addition to controlling tests across multiple apparatus, it measures ambient light, temperature, and sound (including ultrasound).

Use it as a standalone multi-meter or pair it with ANY-maze to initiate tests and record meter readings alongside your testing data.

  • Four Numbered buttons: Start and stop tests in up to four apparatus (expandable to 16 groups of four apparatus).
  • Light meter: Measures from 0.01 to 32,000 lux.
  • Thermometer: Measures from 0 to 80°C with a 1-metre waterproof probe (ideal for Water-maze).
  • Audible sound meter: Measures audible frequencies and reports intensity levels from 30 to 120 dBA.
  • Ultrasound meter: Measures ultrasonic frequencies and reports peak sound levels in dB.