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Powerful tracking

Use literally any maze

  • Zones: Draw shapes to divide your apparatus into areas, then combine areas to create any number of zones.
  • Sequences: Define sequences to detect movements between areas or zones.
  • Immobility and freezing: Automatically detect immobility and freezing, perfect for fear conditioning.
Use literally any maze picture

Track with precision

  • Whole animal: Use whole-animal tracking to precisely detect arm entries.
  • Three-point tracking: Track the head, centre and base of the tail to provide both location and orientation.
  • Accuracy: Track accurately, even in poor light or low contrast, without setting any obscure parameters.
Track with precision picture

Class-leading flexibility

Connect to almost anything

  • Acquire: Use purpose-built ANY-maze interfaces to acquire data from levers, photobeams, sensors, running wheels…
  • Control: Also control speakers, pellet dispensers, optogenetic lasers, syringe pumps, shockers, lights…
  • Adjust: Change shock intensity, alter tone frequency, set a laser’s duty cycle… even while a test is being performed.
Connect to almost anything picture

Easily design complex tests

  • Automate: Use procedures, built from a few easily understood statements, to automate your tests.
  • Straightforward: Procedures can be simple – for example ending the test if the animal finds a water-maze island.
  • Sophisticated: Or they can incorporate complex rules for what should happen when, based on the animal’s behaviour.
Easily design complex tests picture

Smart experiment management

Follow an intuitive test schedule

  • Automatic: ANY-maze automatically maintains a schedule showing the status of all the tests in your experiment.
  • Stages and trials: Break an experiment into multiple stages containing repeated trials – for example, training and probe.
  • Stay in control: The schedule is flexible – skip tests, retire animals, or just add tests as you go along.
Follow an intuitive test schedule picture

Benefit from flexible testing

  • High throughput: Increase throughput by running independent tests in up to 40 apparatus simultaneously.
  • Live data: View live information during tests, such as zone visits or the state of inputs and outputs.
  • Real-time warnings: Have warnings, such as a dispenser running out of pellets, reported immediately and noted in the test’s results.
Benefit from flexible testing picture

Comprehensive analysis

Access hundreds of measures

  • Extensive: Results are available for the whole apparatus and for each zone, point, sequence, behaviour, input and output.
  • Per zone: Results are analysed for the entire apparatus and for each defined zone.
  • Across time: Results are reported for the duration of the test, for equal length time-bins, and for any specific periods.
Access hundreds of measures picture

Visualise and analyse results

  • Visualise: Visualise test results using track plots, heat maps and charts.
  • Analyse: Analyse between treatments, strains, genders, trials, etc, using over 30 built-in parametric, non-parametric and post-hoc tests.
  • Transfer: Copy and save data in a variety of formats for easy transfer to programs such as Excel, SPSS and Statistica.
Visualise and analyse results picture

Easy to use

ANY-maze is consistently praised for its familiar intuitive design

ANY-maze is intuitive, very well organized, and reliable. I have been using this software for years now and definitely recommend it.

Agnieszka Kubik-Zahorodna PhD

ANY-maze is great, especially for someone coming from EthoVision, which I’ve always found hard to use.

Lindsay Lueptow PhD

For me ANY-maze is the best tracking software for rodents – it's friendly and easy to use.

Xavier de Jaeger PhD

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the ANY-maze software, hardware and staff.
Everything has worked out perfectly for me and has allowed me to broaden my research much more quickly than I anticipated.

Justin T. Gass, PhD

We've been using ANY-maze for three years and are very happy with it. It's so much easier to use than Ethovision and anytime we do have questions we always get a quick and thorough response.

Jyoti L., MS

ANY-maze est mon programme préféré pour analyser le comportement des souris de laboratoires. Il est polyvalent et intuitif à la fois. Un Must!

Félix Leroy, PhD

Il mio gruppo ha recentemente usato ANY-maze a Oxford UK e Aarhus DK. Siamo sempre rimasti molto soddisfatti della performance del sistema di acquisizione e analisi che rappresenta il meglio attualmente disponibile sul mercato.

Prof. Marco Capogna

Em minha opinião, o ANY-maze eh a melhor ferramenta de rastreamento e análise de comportamento. Completa e fácil de usar.

Profa. Dra. Vanessa C Abílio

O ANY-maze apresenta interface de usuário de fácil uso e intuitiva. Rastreia e registra os dados adequadamente e realiza análises estatísticas confiáveis. Recomendo.

Prof. Dr. Tiago Costa Goes

Llevo utilizando el Software de ANY‑maze desde hace 5 años. Se trata de un programa muy intuitivo y versátil que permite ser utilizado con diferentes sistemas.

Alberto Ouro Villasante, PhD

ANY-maze ha sido una herramienta indispensable en mi investigación. Es un software muy práctico y simple de usar. Ofrece una amplia gama de opciones de análisis y protocolos. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Edgar Soria-Gómez, PhD

İki yıldır pratik bir şekilde kullanıyorum. Her türlü davranış testinde herhangi bir kısıtlama olmaksızın kullanılabilir gibi görünüyor.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yildirim

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Lifetime updates

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Mazes and test apparatus

We also supply a wide range of apparatus, designed by behavioural scientists with video tracking in mind.