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Group and format results

Because ANY-maze understands the structure of your experiment, it’s able to organise your results and present them in an intuitive way.

Of course, you’re in control, so you can group the results in any way you wish. You can filter tests and you can choose what’s displayed – for example, you could replace the SD with the SEM.

Group and format results picture

Plot results as graphs

With a single click you can transform a text report, like the one shown above, to a graph like the one shown here.

And ANY-maze doesn’t only create column graphs – it can plot results across time using line graphs and show distributions using scatter plots. Naturally, you can change the colours, alter the error bars, etc.

Plot results as graphs picture

Perform statistical analysis

ANY-maze includes more than 30 parametric and non-parametric statistical tests.

As the system understands the data it’s analysing, it’s able to choose the correct test automatically – for example, in the image on the right, ANY‑maze will use a 2-way ANOVA with one repeated measure (stage).

Perform statistical analysis picture

Analysis features

  • Group results by treatment group, stage, trial, field (such as sex or strain), time period, etc.
  • Group at up to three levels, for example, by sex and within sex by treatment
  • View mean, standard deviation, standard error and raw data for grouped data
  • Create column, line or scatter graphs of grouped data
  • Where appropriate graphs can include error bars for SD or SEM
  • Analyse data using built-in one- and two-way parametric and non-parametric statistical tests
  • Perform post-hoc analysis using a selection of standard post-hoc tests