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Manually score behaviour

While ANY-maze track your animals, you can simultaneously score subtle behaviours using your computer’s keyboard.

For example, in an experiment you might wish to score grooming and accurately differentiate it from scratching. This isn’t something a computer can do automatically, but you could observe the animal during the test and press a key each time you judge that the animal is grooming.

Manually score behaviour picture

Flexible options

ANY-maze fully supports touch screens, including allowing you to layout your own on-screen ‘buttons’ that you can touch to record behaviours.

If you want to score multiple behaviours, then you can simply set up multiple keys. However, if you include more than three or four keys, it can become quite hard to accurately observe and score all the behaviours simultaneously. To address this, ANY-maze allows you to watch a video multiple times and score one or more behaviours on each occasion.

Flexible options picture

TakeNote mode

ANY-maze supports experiments in which all you want to do is observe the animal and score its behaviours manually without actually tracking it at all. You can do this either by watching a video within ANY-maze, or simply by directly observing the animal.

There is even a low cost licence available, if this is all you want to do with the system.

TakeNote mode picture

Key features

  • Use keys to score behaviours the computer can't detect automatically
  • A key can be set to score a behaviour while pressed
  • A key can be set to score a behaviour as starting / stopping each time it is pressed
  • Up to 46 keys can be defined
  • Repeatedly view a video of a test and score different behaviours each time
  • When using a touch screen, layout your own on-screen keys
  • Determine 10 different measures relating to each key
  • Key measures are reported for the whole apparatus and for each defined zone