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The ANY‑maze Relay interface has six output ports which can be used to turn things on and off under software control. For example, an output could switch on a shocker, turn on a light or activate a pellet dispenser.

  • Six independent channels
  • Uses solid state relays – no audible click when the relays switch on
  • Uses pluggable screw terminal blocks for easy connection to bare wires
  • Ports can provide power to connected devices – very useful when controlling pellet dispensers
  • Maximum voltage 42V DC or AC(RMS)
  • Maximum current 2A DC or AC(RMS)
  • RC snubber built into the port allowing the relay to directly control inductive loads like motors
  • Maximum switching frequency 200Hz
  • Isolation 5300 Vrms
  • The interface itself is powered directly from USB (no power supply required)

ANY-maze Relay interface datasheet