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The ANY‑maze Digital interface is designed to connect ANY‑maze to a wide range of equipment typically found in behavioural labs, such as: levers, photobeams, running wheels, some shockers and pellet dispensers, cue lights, etc.

  • Each of the twelve general purpose ports can be independently configured as a: Switch input, TTL input, TTL output, Photobeam input, Rotary encoder input or  Photobeam array input.
  • Switch inputs can be used to detect switch closures such a lever press, step down from a platform, etc.
  • TTL outputs can directly drive LEDs, which make excellent cue lights – check out the cue lights we supply.
  • TTL outputs can be used to control some pellet dispensers and shockers (those without TTL control can usually be controlled using the ANY-maze Relay interface).
  • Photobeam inputs can be used to detect nose pokes, the animal leaving a start box, progress down a corridor, etc. – use your own photobeams, or check out the photobeams we supply.
  • Rotary encoder inputs can be used to detect turns of a running wheel, or even turns of a tethered animal – use your own encoders or check out the encoder we supply.
  • Photobeam arrays can be used to detect rears or nose pokes in a hole-board – check out the array we supply.
  • Normally powered directly from USB. When controlling high-power devices an optional power supply can be connected.
  • Uses pluggable screw terminal blocks for easy connection.

ANY-maze Digital interface datasheet