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  1. Comprehensive support: We provide free support to all ANY-maze users for ever. This includes both assistance using ANY-maze and issue resolution, and applies to all users, even those just trialling the system.
  2. Support channels: Support is only available via email. Emails are handled in the order in which they are received, although urgent issues may be prioritised. Occasionally, we might suggest a phone call for more in-depth discussions when we feel this would be beneficial.
  3. Unlimited access: We are committed to providing unlimited access to support for all our users, subject to fair use to ensure equitable assistance for everyone.
  4. Version updates: We only maintain the latest version of ANY-maze, so problems in older versions will always be fixed in the current version. However, all updates to ANY-maze are free for all users for ever.
  5. Legacy versions: While we endeavour to provide support for all versions of ANY-maze, we reserve the right to offer limited support for versions that are more than five years old.

Our overriding aim is to promote a positive experience and ensure the smooth use of ANY-maze for all our users. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance you may require.