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ANY-box is a multi-configuration behaviour apparatus designed to be used with ANY-maze to automate all of the following tests: Open field, Novel object recognition, Conditioned place preference, Light/dark box and Hole board.

The ANY-box system consists of a core to which you can add different enclosures for the above tests. For example, if you wish to perform work with the open field, hole board and light/dark box, you could purchase a single core and one of each of the appropriate enclosures. This would be significantly less expensive than buying apparatus for each of these tests individually.

ANY-box picture

ANY-box core

  • Enclosure dimensions: Square 40cm x 40cm
  • Walls fit solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning
  • Grey, non reflective base plate provides good contrast with virtually any animal
  • ANY-maze USB camera included
  • Height adjustable photo-beam arrays connect to provided ANY-maze Digital interface to automatically detect rearing
  • Up to 4 cores can be connected to a single ANY-maze Digital interface

Open field enclosure

  • Available in transparent or black perspex
  • Black perspex is infrared transparent – photobeams still detect rearing
  • 40cm x 40cm x 35cm(H)

Light/dark box enclosure

  • Dark side is made from infrared transparent perspex
  • Photobeams work in the dark side
  • If used with the ANY-maze infrared illuminator (not included) the camera can see into the dark side
  • Each side 20cm x 40cm x 35cm(H)
  • Door 7cm x 7cm

Conditioned place preference enclosure

  • Made from infrared transparent perspex
  • Photobeams work through the walls, although some beams may be blocked by the white wall markings and may need to be disabled.
  • Each test chamber is 18cm x 20cm x 35cm(H)
  • The start box, between the two chambers, is 10cm x 20cm x 35cm(H)

Novel object recognition enclosure

  • Supplied with objects
  • 40cm x 40cm x 35cm(H)

Hole-board enclosure

  • Photobeams detect the animal’s nose in the holes
  • Supplied with hole cups, allowing the hole board to be baited for use in memory testing
  • Holes and Cups provide behaviour assay flexibility
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (H)
  • Hole Diameter: 3cm