During a test, while tracking the animal, ANY-maze can simultaneously save a video of the images it receives from the camera, which means you have a full record of everything the animal did. These videos are stored in a proprietary format, called szv format.

ANY-maze can also record videos of tests in standard mp4 and wmv formats, but these are intended to be used for presentations, and they show what’s visible on the computer’s screen – which will include the apparatus map, the animal marker, zone shading etc.

The benefit of ANY-maze’s szv format is that it requires relatively little processing (compared to standard formats) to encode the video. This means that ANY-maze can track animals and simultaneously record videos in many apparatus at the same time – doing this in 16 apparatus is quite feasible and a powerful computer can do it in as many as 40.

ANY-maze also includes a built-in video convertor, which can be used to quickly convert szv videos into a range of standard formats.