There are two things you can do: either use a wider angle lens, or use two cameras.

If you’re using a Webcam then you may have a problem, because you can’t change the lens on these cameras – in this case you may need to invest in a new camera. What you should get is a camera with a screw in lens, such as the ANY-maze USB camera. You can then choose a lens which will allow you to see all of your apparatus. We generally recommend varifocal lenses, which allow you to zoom in and out until the apparatus nicely fits the camera’s view. However, even these lenses have limits to how far you can zoom so you need to make sure you get a camera with a wide enough lens angle to see all of your apparatus – if you need help with this then contact ANY-maze technical support who will be happy to advise you.

In some situations changing the lens may not help – for example, if you have something like a place preference box inside a sound-proof cabinet. In this case the cabinet would prevent the camera from being moved higher up, and a single camera would need such a wide angle lens that the image would be badly distorted. In this case you can use two cameras, one on either side of the apparatus, and then join the two images together within ANY-maze.